Live Free or Die Hard (2007)


Director: Len Wiseman

Synopsis:  Bruce Willis is back as the badass man with a gun.  In this movie, a mysterious group is using computer hacking to attempt to destroy the US government.  Willis is sent on what he thinks is a low priority pickup of a young computer hacker.  After this goes sour, Willis is told by the kid he had rescued that something called a fire sale is going to happen.  This fire sale is an attack that uses all the computer controlled things, such as stop lights and power plants, to cause massive damage to the infrastructure of the country.  Willis has to protect the hacker and get back to the FBI so they can both stop the planned attack.

Review: I have only seen this and the first Die Hard movie, but I was pleasantly surprised.  This movie was modern and enjoyable throughout.  It was not just a run and gun movie and had some very good acting.  The main character was much more relatable then many other action heroes.  This is because Willis takes a beating throughout the movie and does not seem like some godlike hero.  All the fights are very realistic which I can appreciate and enjoyed.  The special effects are not overstated or distracting which lets Willis’ great acting really show.  This is a top tier action movie which has no dull moment.  I would recommend it to anyone and plan on watching the rest of the movies in this series when I have a chance.


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