Stoker (2013)


Director: Park Chan-wook

Synopsis: This confusing film tells a story of a girl named India. On her 18th birthday India’s father dies is a horrible car accident. Later at her fathers funeral she meets her uncle Charlie for the first time in her life. Her uncle ends up staying with them and India starts to notice mysterious things start to happen, people start to go ‘missing’. She becomes obsessed by his secrets and the more she finds out about him the more she seems to like him, although the things she finds out would do just the opposite effect on anyone else. At the same time all this is going on, India’s lonely mother begins to fall in lust with her dead husband’s brother and India find’s them interacting sexually with each other. This seems to anger India and she tries to run away with her uncle, but before she can she realizes who she really is and what she really needs to do.

Review: Overall I thought this was a rather confusing movie and it was quite horrific. I didn’t really understand the point of the story and all I really got from it was a creepy vibe and a weird chain of events. I did however like how the director tied the beginning  to the end perfectly and I really appreciated the cinematographers shots, they all had nice lighting and perfect coloring to them. I researched the director and found out he is actually a Korean film maker and this was his first English film, which I believe is very well done for being a first. I just didn’t really like the plot as much and I thought I would have. The trailer makes it seem more scary and a lot more of a thriller then when it actually just is a psychological mystery.


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