The Addams Family (1991)

Synopsis: The Addams Family is about a family who are different from everyone else. There is Gomez the father, Morticia the Mother, Pugsley the son, Wednesday the daughter, Lurch the butler, and Granny the Grandma. The Addams’ are different because they are dark and mysterious with a grim way of living. The Addams family is also very rich.  Gomez has been really upset over the disappearance of his brother Fester 25 years ago. The Addams’ have a lawyer named Tully. Tully has a lot of financial problems and owes a loan shark the money that he has borrowed from her. Tully creates a plan to use the loan shark’s son as an impostor of Fester in hopes of “Fester” finding the family vault, which holds the Addams’ riches in it.

Review: I have always loved The Addams Family since I was a little kid. I remember when I watched it for the first time I was so intrigued by the film and it’s characters. I felt like the family had consumed me, as I laid on the carpet of my parent’s living room floor snuggled with by blanket and a bowl of popcorn in my lap. I remember getting goose bumps when the scene of Fester’s homecoming party started and you see all of the characters who play members of the Addams extended family and friends. As I watched the film recently in the spirit of Halloween, that same scene is exciting to me. Why? The costumes are WONDERFUL! How I would imagine a character looking from just reading in a story did come alive, such as the conjoined twins, and cousin It. Also, the makeup is remarkable as well. Morticia Addams definitely comes to live from being just a cartoon created by Charles Addams. I also love the story. I love the grim theme of the movie, and how it really captures the “horrifying” effect of the family. This movie also has so much humor in it, humor that I found more funny as an adult. This movie is perfect for the entire family because there is fun and humor for all ages.


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