Lone Survivor, 2013

Half of one man's face is shown on the right side of the poster. The man has a beard and is wearing a military uniform. Across the top of the poster is the tagline "Live to tell the story" in uppercase white. On the top left side of the poster is the name "Mark Wahlberg" in uppercase white, laying above the film title "Lone Survivor". Underneath the film title, in uppercase white, is a second tagline: "Based on true acts of courage".

Director: Peter Berg

Synopsis: This graphic film tells the journey of 4 navy seals on a mission to locate and capture a Taliban leader, Shah, who is responsible for the recent killings of many US Marines, and the innocent villagers who had helped them. On this mission the crew has major setbacks such as communication issues, and running into a few innocent people which turns into a debate on what to do with them which shifts the story to be quite intense for the remainder of the film.

Review: Overall I thought this was a great film, very action packed and even a tear jerker at the end. Hard to believe it is a true story just because of how gruesome it was, although at least the ending was somewhat positive while being sad at the same time. I really liked the actors that were chosen for this film and in my opinion they did a great job making the film as real-life as it was. Another thing I think made this an exceptional film was the courage, and honor of the main characters and how that makes anyone watching this movie feel very into it and connected. This movies relates well with a few movies Berg has directed in the past, but also stand out from some of the films he has done also, Berg has a very broad spectrum of films. Lone Survivor relates with The Kingdom and Hancock, but then is very different from Berg’s other films such as; Friday Night Lights, and The Rundown. Overall this is a great movie that gives a person a view on how tough it is being a Navy Seal, I would recommend seeing it to anyone.


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