Blackfish (2013)

blackfish poster

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Synopsis: Blackfish is a documentary following the capture and life of an orca whale named Tilikum. Tilikum does not flourish in captivity. He is bullied by other Orca and mistreated by humans. Tilikum eventually becomes a frustrated animal and is isolated due to failed interactions with other Orca and people. This movie explores the detriment of captivity of a wild animal.

Review: Blackfish broke my heart and moved me to tears. The story of Tilikum is unfair to start with, he was stolen from his family in the wild and forced into a life he was never meant to be in. I have been fortunate enough to see wild pods of orca in the Straights of Juan de Fuca while fishing and on the ferry to the SanJuan Islands and it is just incredible. They have endless ocean to play and be free. The whales of Blackfish, and not just Tilikum were abused, kept in small areas and essentially taken out and put away like toys on a shelf. Not to mention how the calves were ripped from their mothers in captivity. The reactions from both animals is like that of a human and their child ripped from each others lives, devastating! This is one of the most powerful animal documentaries I have seen. I have also as a result of this movie will not support Seaworld or similar entities.


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