Remember the Titans

Directors Name: Boaz Yakin

Synopsis: “Remember the Titans” is a film based on a true story of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria Virginia. More specifically it is about thier football team the “Titans” and a newly hired black coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) during a time of heightened awareness of desegregation. The team’s previous coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton) was highly revered and the change was not taken lightly. There were many fights or clashes between blacks and whites, among team members, schoolmates and the residents of the town as well neighboring towns. The story line is that of developing strong moral leadership both from the coaches and the young boys they are training to become men. The team goes on to accomplish its most winning season ever and is undefeated. Despite many hurdles including biased referees and threats to the coaches, primarily now defensive coach Yoast, the Titans win and go onto the state championship.

Review: This film was very engaging and I enjoyed it. The struggles between blacks and whites have been going on for a very long time. When a good positive strong message can come out of a bad situation it lends me to believe there is hope for mankind. The characters were eventually supportive of each other and found a way to grow through the disparaging situations. The young daughter of Coach Yoast “Sheryl” was a very interesting participant in this film. Both on the field “advising” the coaches and in the way her relationship with Coach Boone’s daughter Nicky was allowed to bloom. This was a sideline of the story but indicative of how the story unfolded. In the end their relationship was representative of the community that saw the error of their ways and tried to mend them.

I especially enjoyed the music or soundtrack and how it played a key role in the pulling together of the kids and the team as a whole. The scene where the “Titans” come out of the locker room onto the field dancing was inspiring for me. Music is used to heal or mend so many issues that it made good sense to utilize it in this healing, growing and hopefully unifying story.


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