Hercules (2014)


Director: Brett Ratner

Synopsis: After Hercules has completes his twelve labors and lost his family, he is angry with the gods.  He roams the world with a group of loyal friends and works as a mercenary for the highest bidder.  He ignores the gods and his father Zeus.  This movie tells the story of when he worked for Lord Cotys and was hired to train that lord’s army so they could defeat the army of warlord Rhesus. Hercules and his friends are powerful warriors and soon help the Lord Cotys destroy and capture Rhesus’s army.  But all is not as it seems and Hercules must decide if he will take his payment and leave, or fight for honor and see the story out til the end.

Review: This movie is awful.  It is a montage of Dwayne Johnson kicking, stabbing, throwing and brutalizing everything in his path.  This would be great if the story was mildly interesting but I was yawning during the brief and uninteresting transitions between brutal fights.  This movie has potential and I was hoping for something more along the lines of Riddick.  In Riddick the premise is similar, a strong main character beats the crap out of everyone.  However, the story makes Riddick a great movie.  The story in this movie is shallow and boring.  I usually enjoy hack and slash, basic action movies but this movie was a waste of time.  If the characters where interesting and the story line was not throwaway with movie would have been great.  Dwayne Johnson is a great actor but this movie went the wrong direction and needs to be redone from the ground up.


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