Maleficent (2014)

Director: Robert Stromberg

Synopsis: Two worlds are separated by rivalry, one a human kingdom under rule of a king, and the second kingdom is the Moors and home to magical creatures. Maleficent is a fairy that lives in the Moors. She is an orphan who lost her parents at a young age and is left to be the protector of the Moors Kingdom. Maleficent meets Stefan, who lives in the human kingdom and found his way into the Moors by stealing a magical stone. Stefan is an orphan as well who lives in the stables, and him and Maleficent become very good friends. Maleficent ends up falling in love with Stefan and the two of them experience true love’s kiss. However, Stefan becomes consumed by greed and wants the throne for himself. In doing so, he chops off Maleficent’s wings to be rewarded the throne by the King. Stefan marries the King’s daughter, and have the princess, Aurora. Meanwhile, Maleficent falls into a very dark depression and wants to revenge her wings. At the princess’s christening Maleficent casts a curse on the princess that on Aurora’s 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep death like slumber unless she is awoken by true love’s first kiss. King Stefan and the Queen send Aurora with three fairies into the forrest to grow up away from all spinning wheels and hide her from Maleficent. However, Maleficent keeps watch over the girl and ends up saving Aurora’s life on numerous occasions. Maleficent then starts to care for the princess and tries to break the curse. Unfortunately, Maleficent is unable to break the curse. Aurora then meets a young prince in the forest when practicing what she will say to the three fairies when she tells them that she is leaving to live in the Moors. The fairies tell Aurora the truth about Maleficent, and Aurora goes back to the castle on her 16th birthday. Stefan locks Aurora in a room to keep her safe from spinning wheels, but the princess gets out and pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and goes into her deep slumber. Maleficent tracks down the prince that Aurora met in the forest so that he can be Aurora’s first true love’s kiss, and it does not work.

Review: This film was a great twist to an old fairy tale. I remember watching the film, Sleeping Beauty as a child and I remember the film had so much color to it. There is also a lot of color in this film in a magical way, as well as the color comes to life since this film is not animated. The magical creatures look so real it is amazing the effects that were created in this film. I also love how in this film maleficent is the one true love that kisses Aurora to wake her up. This shows young girls that a man or a prince is not necessarily your true love. It shows that you can love anyone, and that that love is real. True love comes in different forms. I feel like this is the new trend that Disney is promoting as the movie Frozen also took another approach to send the message that girls do not need to rely on a man to save them. The costume design was impeccable! Maleficent looks almost identical to the animated character, from her black robe and horns to her high protruding cheek bones. This film is a must see, as Maleficent may not be a villain after all.


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