Office Space (1999)

Office Space (1999)

Director: Mike Judge

Synopsis: Peter works in an office and his job sucks. His commute to work is terrible. His girlfriend might be cheating on him. To Peter, every day is the worst day of his life because of his job. Overall, Peter’s life sucks. Peter gets hypnotize and his outlook on life changes. Peter no longer cares about work. One of Peter’s friends/co-workers comes up with a plan to slowly steal money from the company without the company finding out.

Review: I liked Peter and his two co-workers, who are his only two friends. I enjoy their characters because they are goofy and they stick together and hang out, like real people. I also like Peter’s neighbor because he generally cares about Peter and wants to be his friend. I also like Milton’s character because he is so random, he stutters and talks about squirrels and he still shows up to work every day even though he was laid off (he still thinks he works there).

The movie has bright lighting which is typical of comedies. The genre of the movie is a comedy because goofy things go wrong for the main characters. The characters roles are over exaggerated which adds to the comedy. For example, there is a restaurant in the movie and everyone is overly excited and animated. The situations and characters of the movie are relatable but more exaggerated than real life helping people relate to the movie but knowing it is a comedy. Peter’s friends joke about how one of their friends has a foreign name but no one can pronounce his name. Overall, I enjoy this movie because it is a fun movie about working in an office, hating your job, having fun with your friends/co-workers, and getting back at the company.


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