Maleficent (2014)

Director:  Robert Stromberg

Summary:  In this new take on the classic Sleeping Beauty story, Maleficent, a beautiful winged fairy falls in love with a human who ends up betraying her love and trust of him by cutting off her wings while she is asleep. He does this so that he can present them to the dying King in order to take over his throne. The now dark and pained Maleficent takes revenge on her old love by casting an irreversible evil spell on the new King’s daughter, Aurora. In fear that the spell will come true, the new King sends his newborn child away to a secret country cottage hidden deep within the woods to be watched over by a trio of three hummingbird sized fairies, Flittle, Knotgrass and Thistletwit. As Aurora grows in age, the now scorned fairy Maleficent becomes very fond of the adorable little girl and decides to reverse the curse. However the curse is irreversible. Destined to prick her finger on a spindle wheel needle and fall into a deep sleep forever, Aurora decides to return to her father at his castle before she turns 16. Pricking her finger on the spindle wheel, Aurora fall into her deep sleep awaiting her “prince charming”. Eventually awaken by a kiss of love, Aurora helps to usher in a new day of peace in the fantasy land.

Review:  Although seemingly dark, this Disney creation is a great retake on the original sleeping beauty. Maleficent and her previous happy self still seems to shine through her now dark personality throughout the movie. I really enjoy the mix of personality that they add to the film, and the fun fairytale twist with added humor. I would say although this is a Disney movie, it can still be a bit dark and scary for little ones that may like other fairytales. The acting, sets and costumes are all beautiful and breathtaking, and nothing was overdone or underdone, all are just right and pleasing to the eye.


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