Lorenzo’s Oil

Lorenzo’s Oil 1992

Director: George Miller

Synopsis: Lorenzo’s Oil is a film about a family who is devastated when Lorenzo is diagnosed with ALD which is a very aggressive degenerative nervous system disorder involving fatty acids. The Michaela and Augusto (the parents of Lorenzo) will stop at nothing to find a cure for their sons condition. Michaela and Augusto defy all doctors orders and seek out their own therapy to slow do the quick progression of their young sons deadly disease. This film is based on a true story.

Review: Can I just say hashtag tearjerker! Watching this movie made me inspired, angry, sad, and hopeful all at once. It is an older film so the quality is no that great and there are some weird scenes in the beginning that seemed to be in fast forward when they didn’t seem like they were supposed to be. But the message of this movie is not lost in all the distraction, do give up hope and don’t except no for an answer. I recommend this movie for most people. It is appropriate for all age groups and is a heart warming drama.


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