Tammy (2014)

Tammy (2014) Poster

Directed by: Ben Falcone

Synopsis: Tammy is the story of a down on her luck lady. All in one day she hits a deer, loses her job and finds her husband cheating. In a fit of frustration she decides she has to get out of her home town, however with her car destroyed from the deer it is not that simple. She demands her grandmothers car, but the only way she can use it is if her grandmother goes with her and they go Niagra falls. Tammy and her grandma set off on a silly journey fueled by alcohol, hi-jinx and more!

Review: I have a somewhat mixed review of this movie. There was some good comedy, however not what you tend to expect from Melissa McCarthy. Tammy was kind of a dumb character, and I almost felt bad for laughing at some parts because she was just kind of pathetic. Susan Sarandon played Tammy’s grandmother, she did a good job of playing a drunk, slutty grandma, but again I found the character to be sad. One of my favorite parts of this movie was a cameo played by Dan Aykroyd, whom I haven’t seen in a movie for quite some time. Kathy Bates is also in this movie and plays a good role, she steps in and saves Tammy and her grandmother from themselves. All in all, this movie was okay. I am glad I ordered it on demand and did not pay to see in the movie theatre.



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