Mary and Martha (2013)

Director: Phillip Noyce

Synopsis: Mary is American, and Martha is British. Both women are mothers who love their sons very much. Mary ends up quitting her job as an interior designer so that she can homeschool her son in hopes that he will get a better education. Mary decides that she wants to take him to Africa to study abroad. Martha says “good bye” to her son, as he has gone to Africa to be a teacher. Mary and Martha end up meeting after they both loose their sons to Malaria. After the tragedy has struck both women, they find friendship and support amongst each other and decide that together they can stand up and fight against Malaria killing as many children as it does per year. Although Mary and Martha have each other, it is going to take a lot more people, resources, and funding to help the children in need in Africa. The two women seek help from the government to help the children in other countries.

Review: If you want to cry tears of sadness and tears of happiness this is the movie to watch. As a mother, I had a hard time watching this film. I could not imagine losing my child! While watching this movie I really felt for Mary and Martha. I especially tried to put myself in Mary’s shoes because she blamed herself for taking her son to Africa, and felt she could have saved him if she had tried to get help sooner. I think that was the most heart wrenching part of the film was watching Mary blame herself for her sons death because I would do the same thing. As I cried throughout a big portion of this film out of feeling sorrow and hurt, the film started to look up as Mary and Martha begin a campaign to prevent Malaria and save the children. The movie then shows empowerment as these women stand up for what they believe in. It shows what great lengths a mother will go for her children, even if her children are no longer living. I then cried out of happiness as Mary and Mother begin to get closer to their goal. This movie also shows the audience what Malaria can do children, and how much of a big deal it is. I never knew how many lives Malaria has taken until I had watched this film.


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