Snowpiercer (2013)


Director: Joon-ho Bong

Synopsis: In 2013, the entire world is frozen over except for a train that carries what is left of the human race.  For 17 years, since a environmental disaster that destroyed the atmosphere and plunged the earth into freeze, the train has circles the globe keeping is passengers safe.  However, life is not equal for all on board.  The front of the train is inhabited by those who where rich when this all started.  They sit in luxury, eating hot food and sleeping in big beds, while the normal people rot in the back eating protein blocks and sleeping in cramped quarters.  Those in the back want to spread the wealth and this movie documents the point when they have had enough and the strangeness of the fight to the front.

Review:  This movie is extremely well reviewed and deserves that respect.  It has a very interesting plot line that keeps you always on the edge of your seat.  All of the characters are deep and soulful and you can feel the their emotions in a way that most movies cannot portray.  I felt like I was watching Braveheart combined with V for Vendetta and wanted to loudly clap during some parts..  I had never heard of this director before and did not seen any trailers for this movie but I was blown away.  After I watched this I knew I would watch it again because it is just that good.


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