Tangled (2010)

Tangled, directed by Nathan Greno & Bryon Howard

Tangled is an animated movie about Rupunzel. She has magical hair and it can turn back time and heal anyone, even make them younger. A very old woman knows this and kidnaps Rupunzel as a baby from the King & Queen and keeps her locked away in a very tall tower deep in the woods. Right before her 18th birthday a criminal trying to escape the kings men for stealing the crown jewels stumbles upon her tower and they meet. He agrees to help her see the night lights that happen only on her birthday. Adventure and comedy ensue as she grows and discovers more about herself and her true identity.

This is a great family movie, there is a lot of singing and even the character, Flynn Rider comments on the random singing that keeps occuring. It has story line that you pretty much know how its going to end but it does take some ways that you weren’t quite expecting. Also there was some laughs that are always great and not just for the kids. As a parent I have sat through a lot of animated movies and this movie is fun to watch although watch out the songs do get stuck in your head.

This movie follows a similar style to most animated family movies.


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