Interstellar (2014)


Director: Christopher Nolan

Synopsis: Interstellar is a story about a group of astronauts who search a new galaxy for a new habitable world. It starts out on earth but in the future, although the earth seems in worst condition then it’s ever been with dust storms almost every day, scientist say the world is coming to an end. Cooper, a former pilot who now is a farmer sets out to find a planet with the rest of the crew. Soon he finds out the real plan is not to bring the humans of earth to the new plant but to just re populate the planet with federalized eggs. When Cooper finds this out he does everything he can to find a way back to his daughter. Although time is different where he is and a couple hours for him is a decade on earth, and his daughter is growing old. He eventually finds a way to communicate with her though time, and his daughter saves humanity.

Review: I thought this move had it’s pros and cons. I watched it with my boyfriend and he seemed to really enjoyed it but I mainly just thought is was confusing to watch. I think they spend to much time setting the story up and not enough time getting to the end of it. When the movie ended I was really lost on how he all of a sudden got to where he was and why. Also I think the graphics were pretty cheesy. But overall it was a good movie, the actors were excellent, which made the story a lot more believable then it was.


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