Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Directed by Brian Singer

Summary:  Jack is a farmhand who dreams of escaping the drudgery of his mundane life one day.  That “one day” appears as he goes to market to sell some things for his uncle and meets Princess Isabelle who is looking for her own escape.  He returns with “magic beans” and a connection that will shift his world around.  Princess Isabelle begins her own escape which leads her back to Jack.  At the same time, by accident the magic beans tumble to the ground and create enormous stalks that grow through the sky and to the awaiting Giants who are looking for a portal back to the earth.  Jack and Isabelle scale the stalks to escape the army that has come to take Princess Isabelle home right into the lair of the Giants.  Together, Jack and Isabelle battle the Giants and fall in love in the process, sealing their fate and resealing the portal linking the Giants to the earth.


This movie is a twist on the old tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk” using modern day film technology to bring the giants as well as the stalks that transport Jack and Isabelle to life in a huge way.  Everything is larger than life in this retelling of a classic tale of a young man wanting desperately to escape reality and to find his Princess.  However, Princess Isabelle is a modern day princess who can fight for herself and is quite the feisty diva.  The Giants are like Disney giants on steroids and Ewan McGregor makes the perfect army lieutenant you will root for until the end.  This was a adventurous, witty romp through fairytale land with something for man, woman and child alike. 5/5

Jack the Giant Slayer


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