Director: Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez

Synopsis:  This movie tells several new stories from the sin city comics.  It is a sequel to the original Sin City movie, which was a huge success. The stories of this new movie center around several different new characters but feature the reappearance of the amazing character, Marv from the first movie.  The stories all center around the sinful and violent lives of the citizens of sin city.  They feature characters with many previous lives and there is a lot of overlap between those characters in their different stories..  I cannot describe the stories themselves without giving away spoilers.

Review:  This movie does not live up to the first one.  The stories are too boring and short.  The characters are interesting but do not have the depth of the first movie.  I did not feel for them when the where hurt and they never excited me.  The only redeeming character is Marv, who is amazing and thankfully takes part in more then one story in the movie.  The movie uses the black and white with popping colors much more then the first movie.  This was a mistake for the directors because it removes the excitement of color that the first movie had.  All in all the only good thing about this sin city movie was the violence.  The black and white colors make gruesome scenes even more impressive.  However, this movie could have been better.  The first one was gruesome as well but it’s story made it great.  I hope if they make a third movie, they stick to one drawn out and interesting story.


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