Still Mine

Director: Martin McGowan

“Still Mine” is a love story not only as in personal relationships but also of land and the values of right and wrong. Craig Morrison (James Cromwell) and Irene Morrison (Genevieve Bujold) were married well over 60 years at the time their story was told. They raised seven children in a small run down home which happens to sit on 2,000 acers of land in New Brunswick. Through the natural process of aging Irene develops dementia and is scared of not remembering who he or she is. Craig declares that she will always be his. It becomes apparent that the couple can no longer live in their house as it has become a danger for Irene after she takes a serious fall down the stairs. Craig is determined to build a new home with the view Irene has always wanted on a piece of property across from their existing home. Craig’s love for Irene is displayed as he perseveres in his battle with the bureaucratic building committee that demands he build the house according to code.

“Still Mine” is an engaging story which is inspiring and eventually restores faith in humanity and justice. I liked the way the devotion Craig and Irene held for each other was portrayed. There are not enough long lasting relationships anymore and hopefully this one can set an example of the fulfillment and enrichment achieved when one puts their partner on a higher endearing level.

For me this film was definitely a tearjerker. It was sentimental, inspirational, challenging and yet a pleasure to watch. The scenery of rural Canada is well presented. When faced with the challenges of a technologically evolving, restrictive society Craig utilizes his positive core values to overcome and accomplish his personal mission. The undercurrent or subplot of hard work and its value is refreshing. The steadfast relationship between Craig and his adult children can be a lesson learned for all of us. The adult children eventually embraced their parent’s choices, allowing them to pursue living their old age the way they wanted to live it. Ultimately the choices Craig made for himself and Irene proved to be good ones.


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