The Sound of Music (1965)

Directed by: Robert Wise

Synopsis: during the 1930’s, Austria is about to undergo change, as is a young women named Maria.  Maria is currently living at a convent as a Nun. She is not very good at following the rules the Nuns must follow at the convent, so is then sent to become a governess for the Von Trapp children. When Maria arrives at the Von Trapp mansion she meets all 7 children, who feel that they do not need a governess and just the love from their father Captain Georg Von Trapp. Captain Von Trapp runs his house with rules and whistles, just as he would the military. Maria finds obstacles in her way to reach these children, but soon finds herself in their hearts with music as well with Captain Von Trapp’s heart. Maria and Georg (Captain Von Trapp) get married and have to fight to keep their family safe as the Nazis are to invade Austria.

Review: This movie is a masterpiece as Julie Andrews really shows how powerful her voice is. As a child, I loved this movie. I loved the music and the lyrics to the songs, I could follow along easily. I hadn’t watched this movie in a long time, but did not forget the lyrics to the music. I love how Maria matches to the beat of her own drum, even back then she questioned what she was doing and if she should change her journey in life. I feel like back then, in the 1930’s, it was risky to act out differently. I also really enjoyed that she finds her way being a loving role model for the 7 children who felt alone. It was empowering to see Maria change the children’s lives as well as see her stand up to Captain Von Trapp’s, as Maria acted out against his rules too. The love story is also touching, as seeing Maria and Captain Von Trapp go back and forth with their love for each other. I found myself just wanting them to be together from the very beginning. I also love that the film has beautiful scenery with history events taking place. This is a great film for he entire family, especially exciting for kids to experience the music.


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