What Dreams May Come (1998)


Director: Vincent Ward

Synopsis: What Dreams May Come is a movie about life, death and love. Robin Williams plays a man named Christy,  married to his soulmate with an ideal family. His life is turned upside down by a tragic accident that kills both of his children. He holds his life together as his wife falls apart, having a mental breakdown after the death of thier children. No sooner does his wife start to recover Christy is killed unexpectedly as well. He finds himself in the after life with two guides helping him settle in and helping him to leave his distraught wife. He soon learns his wife commited suicide and is in a sort of hell, he attempts to cross the heavens into hell to save his wife from and eternity of limbo.

Review: This is one of my favorite movies. It is an incredible love story, and a unique view point of what may be in our after life. Robin Williams is quite brilliant in this dramatic role, he really conveys the feeling of true love with his screen wife. The journey is fueled by love and it is really quite moving. I also really enjoyed the scenery and ideas behind each persons heaven and even hell is really done well. This movie is visually stunning.


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