Holes (2003)

Holes (2003)

Director: Andrew Davis

Synopsis: Stanley was walking under an overpass and shoes seem to fall from nowhere onto him. Police think that he stole the shoes so they send him to a juvenile correction camp instead of jail. Stanley’s family believe that this happened to him because his great grandfather was cursed. The camp though, is a labor camp where the kids dig holes as a way to learn character. While he is there, Stanley makes a friend, Hector, and together they solve the mystery of why everyone is digging holes and he learns more about his family’s curse.

Review: My favorite part of the movie is the friendship that develops between Hector and Stanley. I like that Stanley and Hector stick up for each other and Stanley helps Hector learn to read. I think that this is Shia LaBeouf’s best film. LeBeouf plays Stanley. Stanley’s character is fun and it seems like LeBeouf really gets into the character.

The movie has a great sound track. The sound track does not feel like a typical sound track of a kid oriented movie. The music helps with the mood of the movie. The songs are very catchy. I like the scenery of the dried lake bed full of holes dug by the boys at the camp. I also like the scene where Hector and Stanley are in the middle of the dessert under the boat.

I did not like the spotted lizards because they are not real. The movie is based on a book and I am sure that they were characters in the book. I understand why they are needed in the movie but they are not my favorite, especially because they are computer generated.

The movie is a comedy adventure for families but everyone can enjoy it. The bright lighting goes along with the comedy genre. There movie is also adventure genre because of Stanley’s family curse and the background of the camp and why they are digging holes.

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