Big Daddy (1999)

Big Daddy (1999)

Directed by: Dennis Dugan



Big Daddy is about a man named Sunny that has been drifting on life with money he earned from a lawsuit. The opening scene has his girlfriend leave him and shows how much of a mess Sunny lives in. Sunny tries to prove to her that he is grown up, by adopting a 5 year old boy named Julian who has randomly shown up at his roommate’s door. Julian and Sunny become good friends, mainly because Sunnys’ IQ is pretty much the same as a 5 year old. The movie ends with the roommate taking guardianship over Julian and Sunny getting married to his roommate’s girlfriends sister.


Long story short, this movie is funny and has a decent plot that was created to make the jokes funny. When this movie aired in theaters I didn’t like the movie, mainly because the trailers on TV had all the good jokes in them. This movie was ruined by the movie trailer for it. Watching the movie now after not seeing it for years is funny though. I also like Adam Sandler’s type of humor. I think being a parent myself, I related a lot to what Sunny goes through taking care of a little kid, and all the entertaining moments of parenthood.


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