He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary: This movie follows an ensemble cast as they navigate relationships and the different ways that men and women interpret one another.  As two single women seek their Mr. Right; one making dating faux pas left and right and one learning how to keep up with all of the technological advances of the time that make dating even more complicated (remember Myspace?), two couples struggle to stay together; one dealing with infidelity and the other never-to-be-married with commitment issues. Could finding love be as simple as learning each others language? In the case of this movie, that could very well be.

Review: This movie pairs stars like Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper and single gal, Drew Barrymore in this ensemble cast. The shallow script is well acted by a talented cast that does everything it can to make “it” (both the script and their on-camera relationships) work.  However, this romantic drama strays a bit from the typical formula for this movie genre. “He’s Just Not Into You” begs the question, do men and women really speak different languages and how do you close the gap to create a successful relationship?  We will see both sides of this perplexing, relational quandary explored in this movie. 4/5

Hes Just Not That Into You


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