Taken 2 (2012)

Taken 2 (2012)



This is an obvious sequel to the first movie, Taken. The lead character from the first movie is living up life and getting back together with his family when he and his ex wife are taken by the family of the men he killed in the first movie. He is able to get his wife to safety, but he is captured. The irony is he switches roles with his daughter. Meaning in the first movie his daughter is taken and calls her dad. In this movie he is taken and calls his daughter. She comes to his aid and together make his escape. There is a lot of shooting, killing, and car crashes, but in the end Brian, the main character, kills the last of the family. He ends scene by asking, “What happens when I kill you?”, the man replies, “my family and brothers will hunt you down and watch you die.” Brian replies, “but I will only kill them too.” The movie leaves the ending open for Taken 3.


Typically I don’t like sequels, I mean who does. Taken 2 definitely gives the original a run for it’s money, and I really enjoyed it. Once again Liam is able to produce a great action film and show the audience some fun tricks to surviving these type of scenarios. I guess what I like most is he is a normal guy that knows his job, just like anyone would be great at their job. The thing is his job is being a bad ass that kicks serious ass.


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