The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)


Directed by: Mark Waters

Synopsis: Jared Grace, his twin brother, sister and mother move to his Uncle’s estate after his parent’s divorce. The home is old and strange. Jared begins to hear noises in the walls and encounter unexplainable happenings. His family thinks he is acting out on the account of the divorce and being generally crazy. He begins to explore the house searching for the source of the happenings. He finds a key that he figures out is the key to his Uncle’s study. He goes into the study and discovers a new world by way of Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide along with a strange little being named Thimbletack. He eventually introduces his sister and brother to this new aspect of the world and the adventure really begins!

Review: This movie was very fun to watch. The special effects and imagination that was put into the characters was amazing. There are trolls, faeries, and goblins that are voiced brilliantly by such stars like Martin Short, Seth Rogan and Nick Nolte. The kids in this movie also did a great job interacting with fantastical creatures that were not really present during the time of production. This story was based on a series of books written by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. I have not read those books but would certainly be inclined to read them with my child after watching this movie.


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