How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Directed by: Ron Howard

Synopsis: In a tiny snowflake the tiny town of Whoville is located, which is populated by tiny Whos. All the Whos love Christmas and spend all of their time preparing for Christmas from the show of decorations and the spending all of their money on presents. Amongst these Whos is Cindy Lou Who, who has doubts about the holiday and is trying to find the true meaning of Christmas as she only sees people worrying about presents. Cindy Lou Who is not the only one who is having doubts about Christmas. The Grinch who is a strange who that lives on top of the mountain above Whoville not only has doubts about Christma,  but hates the holiday and the whos all together. Cindy Lou Who reaches out toward the Grinch in hopes to spread some Christmas cheer to him. As she makes some progress by getting him to come to the whos christmas celebration and act as cheer meister, her good intentions are interrupted by the mayor of whoville who does not like the Grinch and brings about a sensitive memory for the Grinch that causes the grinch to act out. The Grinch decides that he wants to get back at the whos of Whoville and so disguises himself as Santa Clause, and rides into the town on a sleigh to steal all of the Christmas decorations and presents under each who’s tree as they all slept. However, the Grinch realizes that his plan does not affect the Christmas spirit of the whos after all and his heart grows larger. The Grinch then returns all of the who’s belongings and apologizes for what he had done. Christmas is not about presents after all.

Review: This is a wonderful Christmas classic to watch with the entire family. I loved this story as a book by Dr. Suess, then as an animated movie, and again as the movie. I love that the plot gives it’s audience the perspective that Christmas should not be about presents and decorations (the whole commercialized aspect of this holiday), but is about being together with family and friends. Christmas has become so commercialized with gifts, and companies are making tons of money by advertising and selling that businesses start advertising for Christmas right after Halloween. This has warped children’s minds into thinking that if they don’t get everything that they wanted then they had a bad Christmas. I used to be one of those kids. I like that this film shows that the true meaning is to be together, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ if you are a religious person. Jim Carrey is the perfect actor for this role. He is brilliant how much “in character” he gets. His body movements are on point with how the animated Grinch moved. Also, the costume is exactly what you would see in the book or animated version. This film is an amazing interpretation of the world Dr. Suess created.


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