Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Directed by Peter Ramsey

Throughout the ages, the Guardians; Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman have brought happiness and joy to the children of the world, but now, they are in danger. An old foe, the boogeyman, or otherwise known as Pitch Black, has a plot to shroud the world in fear and darkness, weakening the Guardians with each child that stops believing in them. Jack Frost, a lonely winter spirit without a purpose or a single believer, is called upon by the moon to join the Guardians in the fight against Pitch.

This movie came across to me as a joyful holiday classic that will stay in our hearts to be re-watched every season like those old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or Home Alone movies. Although the majority of the movie takes place around Easter time, it really struck me as holiday because of Jack Frost being the main focus and North’s(Santa Clause’s) involvement. My daughters fell in love with the movie and I can’t help but enjoy it to when that time of the year rolls around too. Before I really get into the juicy details of the plot I’d like to begin with how astoundingly realistic the animation in this film was. The way they animate ice and the human features and hair in general is very accurate. Speaking of which, the events and the plot were exceptional. It added the perfect amount of suspense and mystery while at the same time leaving a satisfactory feeling of knowing just the right amount. The sequence from showing us Jack’s beginning to the introduction of the guardians to everything else was incredibly fitting yet unpredictable. Just when you thought you had a general idea of what was going to happen in this movie, they seem to creatively form it into something entirely different whilst still even more pleasing, and throwing in a bit of humor to top it off. Referencing to, the humor placement and jokes were great, it had the perfect timing for the comic relief moments. Although most movies have difficulties putting jokes in serious moments without looking completely stupid, this movie did it with ease and grace, lightening up the dramatic situations correctly without entirely losing the tension of the scene. This movie was overall fantastic and has well-developed characters, a fun watch for the whole family.


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