That Thing You Do (1996)

Director: Tom Hanks

Synopsis: This movie follows the music career of Guy Patterson, (jazz drummer turned rock fill-in) and his band, the “Wonders” (which was originally named the “One-ders” and consequently pronounced the “oh-knee-ders”) in the mid-60’s when American Bandstand, the Beatles and Elvis were staples in every home with a teenager.  Guy and his band record a single, “That Thing You Do” which makes it into the right hands and receives radio play which at the time could make or break a band.  The song becomes an over-night hit and the band hits the road, under the management of Mr. White (played by Tom Hanks).  As the boys hit the road and the big time, they also navigate the pitfalls of becoming rockstars and the demands it makes on relationships and integrity.

Review: This is a feel good music-related movie with a theme song that will definitely get stuck in your head.   Guy Patterson is the guy you hope will stay a good guy as there are many people that are on the dark side in the music industry. He’s a fresh-faced guy from a small town whose family owns an appliance store and his bandmates are cut from similar cloth.  Tom Hanks directs this film and also plays a pivotal role as the Wonder.s tour manager, Mr. White.  This movie provides lessons about staying true to oneself when presented with the opportunity not to. Great music and costuming. 5/5

That Thing You Do


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