Bullitt (1968)

Directed by Peter Yates

Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) is on the case! When his partner and star witness and gunned down inside a safe house before a high profile trial. Was it an inside job? Who can he trust? This film leaves you thinking ‘who dun it?’ until the very last scene.

Well IMDB nailed it again whith a 7.5/10 review, I would have to agree. As much as I enjoyed the build up in this film, I found it to be too long with nearly a 2 hr run time with a lot of lulls; to be honest the last 20 min I stopped caring. What really made this film was the incredible car chase scene between the ’68 mustang vs. the ’68 charger losing hubcaps hill jumping across San Francisco. This was my second Steve McQueen film the other being Papillon (1973) which I think I liked more. I know he’s one of those iconic stars that died before his time, but in comparison to other action stars from that era…He’s not as good as Charles Bronson. Don’t get me wrong he would’ve been a great James Bond he had a lot of dry wit throughout the film and when it came to action he delivered. Peter Yates had a long career in film with mixed success with films like Krull and the Deep


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