Frankenweenie (1984)


Directed by Tim Burton

Synopsis: Victor and Sparky are the best of friends. One day while they were playing Sparky was hit by a car and Victor was just devastated. One day in science class his teacher was demonstrating reanimation via electricity on a dead frog and Victor came up with a big idea. He attempts to bring Sparky back to life and the adventure begins!

Review: This movie was Tim Burton’s initial inspiration for the feature film “Frankweenie”, a stop motion animation film. He made this movie back in 1984 with Disney, however it was only released in Europe due to Disney deeming the movie inappropriate for children. I really enjoyed the animated “Frankenweenie” and coming across this short film was a real treat. It is done in black and white and gives the feeling of the 1950’s but the cars and technology are definitely 1980’s. It works though, I feel like he is trying to convey wholesomeness and a positive spin on the creation of a “monster”. Frankenweenie is really the story of a boy and his love for his dog just twisted a bit. This movie is not gory or scary it’s simply entertaining with dark story which has come to be expected from Burton. I actually found myself laughing at parts.


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