Johnny English (Reborn)

Director: Oliver Parker

Johnny English (Reborn) is a spoof on the infamous James Bond. Johnny English (Rowan Atkins) is a lame MI7 British Agent who had retreated to a cave for five years after a shameful botched mission in Mozambique. A monk from a Tibetan Monastery came to recover him as he was called out of hiding and charged with locating and investigating the theft of the British Crown Jewels.   While doing so, English and his partner Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya) uncover a plot to replace the British Prime Minster with a French King. While in Hong Kong English discovers a group of assassins called VORTEX that is in possession of a secret weapon. This weapon requires 3 special keys that are interlocking; English manages to acquire the key. However while on a flight back to London the key is stolen by a VORTEX agent disguised as a flight attendant; and later a cleaning women. At this point the chase is on to discover the remaining VORTEX agents and track down the keys.

Johnny English (Reborn) MI7 is intended to be a comedic parody or spoof of James Bond 007. I suppose it had funny scenes but was not all together funny in my view. The funniest things really were the facial expressions of Johnny English (Rowan Atkins). He did have an uncanny way of manipulating his facial features appropriately for any given situation. The plot itself, shamed agent returns to be the hero and then gets the girl, is not overly complicated to figure out. His time spent in the Tibetan Monastery had some pretty amusing scenes but nothing really new or different from the many other spoof/parody films out on the market today. The one situation where he and Agent Tucker flew the helicopter from the golf course to the hospital by following the highway was somewhat clever.   All in all I don’t think I need to view this film again.


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