History of the World: Part I


Mel Brooks was at the top of his game when he released this movie. The only negative thing I can say about History of the World: Part I, is that there is no Part II. Starting from the beginnings of man, when Cavemen drew on the walls of the caves, and the art critic was invented after he subsequently peed on the drawing. Next, we go on to the Roman Empire and Madeline Kahn shows us the proper way to choose a date for the midnight orgy. After that, we’re on to the French Revolution where Mel Brooks plays the Pissboy, and Count DeMonet (Count de Money), Harvey Korman, is vigorously relieving himself into the bucket that the Pissboy is holding. Then on to the Spanish Inquisition for a musical number featuring nuns and Jews in the pool.


I love the irreverence to everything in this and most all Mel Brooks movies. Not to disappoint, History of the World: Part I has that quick paced, Mel Brooks, rapid-fire, comedy style that you love and expect. The cast is brilliant! Many of the same faces we recognize from other Mel Brooks movies, but far too many to mention. The end result is a very entertaining movie that teaches us a history lesson.


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