The Maze Runner (2014)


Director: Wes Ball

Synopsis:  The movie starts off with a boy waking up in a weird elevator.  He does not know his name and has no memory of his past.  He is greeted by a group of boys who welcome rather roughly to the Glade.  Soon the boy remembers that his name is Thomas and he begins to make friends in the Glade.  He is always in contention with several of the people in the Glade and is very curious about everything especially the dangerous and huge maze that sits on the Glade’s doorstep.  He soon becomes a runner and it seems like he is so much different from the others in the Glade.  He is a natural maze runner and will help change things and answer all the questions about the maze.

Review:  This movie’s story is very good.  The idea of kids being stuck together and trying to escape through a maze brings together several cool ideas from other movies.  The viewer gets to see the confrontation between the kids as well as the confusing story as to why the kids are there and the point of the maze.  The best part of this movie was the Grievers, or the monsters who protect the maze.  These things are intense and I love the way they look.  All in all this movie was average.  I have read the book and the movie does not compare.


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