Spinning Plates (2013)

Spinning Plates (2013)
Director: Joseph Levy

Spinning Plates is a documentary on three very different restaurants in America. A fledgling Mexican restaurant in Tucson AZ, ran by a hard working couple, that are barely making ends meet. A 150+ year old family restaurant in a very small town in Iowa that has been burnt down twice in the space of a year. Will the family decide to continue the restaurant and be the community centre for the town. The third restaurant is the world famous Alinea, with Chef Grant Achatz at the helm with as he receives his 3 star Michelan and he tells his story of his life threatening story of his battle with cancer.

This movie shows three very different restaurants and they do a great job of showing what they all have in common. They all have a passion for what they do whether it be gastronomy of the Alinea restaurant or the family restaurant that has been going for 150 years or the couple that is starting out within the first year.
They all show their hardships that occur in life. For Grant Achatz of Alinea it was his battle against Stage 4 cancer and how he has such a passion for food that he could not imagine life worth living if the couldn’t taste or smell anymore.
For the Breitbach’s Country Diner that first opened in 1852, still has the decants of the original owners working the restaurant. Its the back bone of the small community, where everyone goes to meet each other. The restaurant had a fire and the community rallied around them to rebuild it and a short 10 months later the building was on fire again. Could the patriarch of the family reopen the restaurant after two devastating fires. The last restaurant was a couple with their small daughter that wear following their dream.

This gives movie gives you a glimpse into the restaurant business and how it has its highs and lows. It shows how much passion and determination that these people have.


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