Neighbors, 2014

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Synopsis: This movie is about a couple that is new to parenthood with their new born baby girl. They are still young and adjusting to their new lifestyle as parents, and not being able to do things with their friends like they used to. The couple, Mac and Kelly, live in a nice and quiet neighborhood until one day when a fraternity, known for their partying, moves in to the house next door. Over the first few nights of them living there they throw parties, on the second night Mac and Kelly go over to politely ask them to keep it down and inform them of their infant daughter. Teddy, president of the fraternity says he will give it the “college try” and ask his roommates to keep it down, but asks them to always call him first before calling the police if they are too loud. On the following night they are partying and it is 4AM and the baby can’t sleep, after countless times of trying to call Teddy the couple is forced to call the police. Teddy finds out it was them and it turns into a war between the two neighbors, with the fraternity pranking them and the couple plotting to get them kicked out.

Review: I liked a lot about this film, it contains a lot of real world comedy and practical jokes while containing a little bit of drama you would feel every parent or college student could relate to. In the beginning of the movie on the first night of the frat house moving in the couple went over to the party to introduce themselves and they ended up getting invited in and partying with them the whole night, the next day is when Mac and Kelly mentioned they would need to keep it down every night. You could tell there was a connection between Mac and Teddy (the president of the fraternity) because Mac was growing out of the partying stage since he has a baby now but the movie did a good job showing they relate. The continuous battle between the neighbors was quite amusing and the director and producers did a great job at that. This film fits in great with the other movies the director has done; Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Get Him to the Greek, and Five Year Engagement (which I have not seen). They have all been comedic movies with a bit of drama and excitement in the mix, making them all quite well rounded.


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