Zulu, 1964


Directed by Cy Enfield

Zulu takes place at a small British army outpost in Africa in 1879. The outpost, named Rorke’s Drift, had a small garrison of about 150 men, which included regular infantry, engineers, and hospitalized wounded or sick. The movie depicts the preparation, battles, and outcome of the defense of Rorke’s Drift against 4,000 attacking Zulu warriors.

Zulu is definitely one of my favorite movies. The tension, apprehension, and desperation that’s built in the first half of the movie gives great emotional impact and significance to the epic battles that take place in the second half of the film. While some of the effects and stunts seem unrealistic, even a bit cheesy by today’s standards, believable gore and explosions would not make this movie any better. What makes Zulu great is the way this tension-filled story unfolds on screen, along with the fact that it all actually happened.


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